We all have stories to tell and at the end that collection of stories make up our lives.

I am Chris this is my little campfire on the internet where I can sit and tell some of my stories. 


El Captain of the Blog

5 Questions about Chris

Most frequent questions and answers

I was born in 1976 so when I last checked that made me 46.

Yes – I was born in Fraserburgh in Scotland, so I claim myself to be Scottish even though I only lived there for 2 months – To caveat that my mother and her side of the family are Scottish so it is not a totally wild claim.

  1. After 2 months on this earth, my parents whisked me away to the Far East to a place called Brunei, where my father had obtained a teaching post at a technical college. We lived out there for six years and both of my brothers were born out there. At the age of six, we move back to the UK where I grew up in Wrexham North Wales

I work for the Advisory group of a  Multi D Consultancy with my current title being Associate Director. If you’re really interested have a look at my linked in profile HERE.

I live near Stroud in the South West of England with my lovely wife Clare and or 2 daughters.



I often use Kiff or Kiff76 as my worldwide web username.

Here are five very plausible reasons why I use Kiff, I will let you determine which is correct:

  • I was the inspiration for Matt Groening character Ltn Kif Kroker
  • I once met a South African surfer  and he said: “man your so Kiff.” Kiff being south African surfer slang for ‘cool’.
  • Kiff is a word that is derived from the Afrikaans word for poison,`gif’. This was used by coastal pot smokers to describe a strain of natural skunk that is called Durban Poison Gifs. The word evolved into kiff, amongst English speaking Natalians describing anything that is bad or wicked or simply the best. I am simply the best
  • Kiff is an American term for the THC crystals often found on a properly cured high-quality marijuana plant. These buds are ground, the kiff sifted through a mesh and then it is pressed into hashish with a pollen press. I was working with an American who thought I was so high quality that she called me Kiff
  • When I was little I could not say, Christopher, I said Kiffiffer and it stuck as a family name of Kiff.
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