About Me

Hello and welcome to my bloggy type thingimy,  my name is Chris Meadows, AKA Kiff.

So what is the best way to find out about me well ask some questions use the contact form and if I like your question I might add it here. Anyhoo  here are 5 questions to get you started

5 Questions about Kiff

  1. Age? – born in 1976 so 36 (or I was at my last birthday)
  2. Where? –  I was born in Fraserburgh in Scotland, so I claim myself to be Scottish even though I only lived there for 2 months – To caveat that my mother and her side of the family are Scottish so it is not a totally wild claim.
  3. After 2 Months what happened? – After 2 months on this earth, my parents whisked me away to the Far East to a place called Brunei, where my father had obtained a teaching post at a technical college. We lived out there for six years and both of my brothers were born out there. At the age of six, we move back to the UK where I grew up in Wrexham North Wales.
  4. What do you do now? – I work for a company Senior Engineer/Project Manager; don’t ask, I have no idea either. However, if you’re really interested read my CV.
  5. Where do you live now? – I live near Stroud in the South West of England with my lovely wife Clare and 2 daughters.

Now I am guessing what is really on your mind is why Kiff I would like to say this is because of any one of the reasons below:little_surfer_dude_about_me


    • I was the inspiration for Matt Groening character Ltn Kif Kroker

    • I once met a South African surfer  and he said: “man your so Kiff.” Kiff being south African surfer slang for ‘cool’.

    • Kiff is a word that is derived from the Afrikaans word for poison,`gif’. This was used by coastal pot smokers to describe a strain of natural skunk that is called Durban Poison Gifs.The word evolved into kiff, amongst English speaking Natalians describing anything that is bad or wicked or simply the best. I am simply the best

    • Kiff is an American term for the THC crystals often found on a properly cured high-quality marijuana plant. The buds are ground, the kiff sifted through a mesh and then it is pressed into hashish with a pollen press. I was working with an American who thought I was so high quality that she called me Kiff

However, the real reason was that when I was little I could not say, Christopher, I said Kiffiffer and thus Kiff was born.