Steps challenge the week two check-in

A whole week in lockdown

Week two can only be described as being a whole week in lockdown trying to get steps. I have managed to interrupt the daily phone calls from track and trace with some quality walking around the garden.

As mentioned in my previous post this is the way I keep hitting my daily target. It has also been a way to keep sane during this period of confinement.

It’s not that I mind being at home. It was trying to keep a sensible bit of distance from my good lady and the kids meaning not being able to help with all those daily tasks that help the family run smoothly. A huge thank you and you’re amazing to my wife for keeping us all on track and surviving this time.

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How did the steps go?

I know this is why you came here. However, I am going to make you wait a bit more.

Ok, I am not going to make you wait that long. However, first I know everyone is very interested in my 85 steps round the garden, so I thought I would share them with you.

85 steps around the garden

Here is the gossip, I have managed to keep going and if you head over to my diabetes step challenge page you will see I completed over the 10870 steps each day, to the extent that I am now in credit by a whopping 1801 steps.

The moment you have been waiting for I have completed 197,461 steps and have earned my 150,000 badge

See you next week.

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