Steps challenge with diabetes UK

At the start of July, I took on a challenge. I join the diabetes UK 1,000,000 steps challenge, I thought one million steps three months that sound pretty straight forward let’s give it a go.

You can find my page at the link above and track my progress if you wish

As a bit of a motivator to support my challenge I am going to try and give weekly update posts. Just quick notes on how I am getting on this first one actually covers the first 11 days.

I started out thinking I was doing ok days 1 and 2 were just over 10k steps then along came day 3. A lazy Saturday meant I only got to around 7.3k. This is the first and last lazy Saturday for me for a while

Thinking I need 10k steps a day, and realsing I had missed by 2,300 I wanted to check. So it was time for some math.

\boxed {Steps \ \ per \ \ day ={ \ \ 1,000,000 \ \ steps \over 92 \ \ days }}
\textcolor{red} {\boxed{Steps \ \ per \ \ day ={ 10,870}}}

Wait, 10,870 steps per day, not 10,000……. all of a sudden I was about 5k behind and it was only day 3. I was going to have to up my game.

Moving into the first full week of the challenge, things got better as a work trip to complete a site visit in France, (lots of trains and walking between them) helped to boost my steps. It gave me 12k+ steps per day for 2 days.
However, the downside is I am now on 10 days of quarantine following this trip.

Look at em stars

Not being able to leave the house for the remainder of the week has certainly made getting to my steps goal more of a challenge. I have had to take to doing laps of the garden. I have worked out it is approximately 85 steps to walk around the edge of my garden which means I need to complete 130 laps during the day to give complete to give me my step target.

It also means I have to do laps no matter the weather.

Out walking in the rain

I am sure I will be dizzy by the end of the 10 days. However it is all for a very good cause. More updates next week.

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