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I am wondering if people have any good traveling games, I don’t mean like travel twister I mean car or train games.

I have during my working life had to complete a 170-mile journey every Monday morning and then again every Friday evening as I crossed the country from Gloucestershire to Essex and back. Nowadays work tends to see me sitting on trains rather than behind the wheel.

However, now it about kids, even with older children they still get bored and need entertaining so having some travelling games up ones sleeve is always useful.

Here are my two go-to games:

The Go-To Games List

Game 1 – Numbers

This is really a counting game you start at 1 and once you see a number plate with the number 1 you move on the 2 then 3 and so on.


  1. The number must be a sole number e.g. W1NKR can be used as number 1 and WA51KNR can not it would be used as 51
  2. In a single journey, numbers can be seen out of sequence up to three in front as long as the numbers between are seen e.g. If you up to number 5 and you set off and see a number 7 as long as you see the 6 before the end of the journey the 7 counts.

I am currently searching for 26.

Game 2 – Word Play

The other game I sometimes play is taking the three-letter of a number plate and make a three-word sentence e.g. WR 51 SLC is the number plate then the phrase could be “Scouts like Camping” often the sillier the better so DEM 197 Y the phrase could be Don’t Eat Midgets.


  1. You must use real words.
  2. It must be a sentence not just a collection of words so for – DEM – Dog East Midget is a no but Dodge Every Mood would work

So those are my travel games let me know what keep you occupied on journeys


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  1. Scotland
    2 September, 2011

    There are a number of games that you could play.

    Stobart Lorries: there is the old ‘punch buggy’ style game for stobart lorries, but if you are by yourself that isn’t really going to work. All Stobart lorries have a unique name on them tho, right on the front of the cab. You can get a list of them all somewhere to tick off the ones that you’ve seen.

    When I was a lot younger my family would play a game while we drove to our annual holiday at Millport. We would count horses, and whatever we got to we would get in pence from the driver. 10p for the first one and then 1p per horse afterwards. I’m sure that one year we nearly got a pound.

    My parents used to also make up a kind of treasure hunt for long journeys. I remember in particular when we drove to France one year. We had to look out for all sorts of things, small hump-backed bridges, a man cycling with onions, boats etc. It used to keep us occupied for hours!

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