About this Blog


The ideas for a blog came from the idea of writing a journal.

I have always love the idea of writing a Journal, crisp pages of a note book call to me wanting me to write. In part I guess it is the idea that someday people will look back and read your thoughts. The problem is unless you are famous or the Queen no one really wants to know so I never quite got started.

It is the same with a blog – the idea of journaling the everyday life of Kiff  through the medium of a blog seems like a great idea, however when you really get down to the nitty-gritty my life is really not that exciting. So I sometimes lack the impetus to keep posting but I keep trying.

Although this will be a blog about everything and nothing, there will be a strong scouting theme running through it. I have found a number of scouting friends on the internet and I think that posting about Scouting will give me the driver to keep posting.

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