Bucket List

Have you ever watched the film Bucket List (it’s no Citizen Kane but it good fun if you want a Friday forget about it movie) anyway it got me thinking I should really create my own Bucket list.

I will hopefully have many years before I am worm food so this is more of a living bucket list/life challenges list.

Still what ever you call it here it is

The Easy Ones

  • Camp with Daughters
  • Go to Gilwell Reunion
  • Play Badminton again
  • Walk up Snowdon again
  • Walk up Ben Nevis
  • Write a Short Story
  • Visit 5 different Landmarks in 5 different cities in at least 3 countries
  • Grow 4 different types of veg in my garden
  • Be part of an International Scouting Event
  • Read Scouting for Boys
  • Read The Harry Potter Books
  • Read The Sherlock Homes Books
  • Create a Time lapse film
  • Create a time-lapse photo
  • Take part in Movember
  • Lose 2 Stone
  • Go to watch Gloucester play rugby
  • Go to watch Scotland Play an international again
  • Play the fiver trophy on an 18 hole course
  • Prove I can still do an eskimo role
  • Find 5 Geo Cashes
  • Sleep in a Hammock
  • Sleep in a Bivi
  • Grow Facial hair for 12 Months
  • Give 25 pints of blood
  • Complete a Microadventure
  • Go wild swimming in the UK
  • Go to watch Rugby as all 6 Nation Stadiums

The Tricker Ones

  • Run in a 10K race
  • Try Surfing – the watery kind
  • Be able to do 40 sit-ups
  • Be able to do 40 push-ups
  • Walk the Cotswold Way
  • Learn to Dive
  • Go back to Hawaii
  • Visit India
  • Go back to visit Brunei

This list I hope will continue to grow, I hope, and I will link from it to any post I make about completing items on my bucket list.

If your not sure what a bucket list is look HERE

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