Blueted the little bear is back, I am still alive

a little blue bear sat in a window

Hello tinterweb people, how are you all keeping? I know you have all been wondering but this little bear is still here

Blue wisdom

It has been some time since this bear managed to find myself on a keyboard and be able to type a post.

I am now a very old man, 46 in teddy bear years is …. well very old. However, despite my fur being very thin and my stuffing leaking out everywhere I still manage to keep some control of the toys in the house.

As an update. We are no longer at a No3 we now live at a No1. We are starting to see the little misses growing up. Some faces have come (a lot of those sloth shaped) and some have gone.

I am sure it will soon be all makeup, loud music, unsuitable clothes and partners (good luck there Kiff).

I am sure Kiff believes it won’t happen, but he forgets, I was there when he was a teenager, all thinking he was cool and into Guns & Roses.

Well, this is just a short post. I hope that I can provide some more of my little bear wisdom soon.

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