A little blue bear writes a story

a little blue bear sat in a window

Hello everyone, your favourite little blue bear Blueted at the keyboard again.

little blue bear using an ipad
little blue keyboard warrior

During a bit of downtime, I had, yes teddies do get rest. I decided to do a bit of exploring on the internet. No not that part of the internet, and I found ChatGPT (https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/)

I was planning to write another post to join my growing series of posts and the idea of using an AI to do the work seem like a great idea to save my little paws

What to write little blue

I thought about being really clever and using the AI to write a post about the toys and how they were getting on. It even asked the AI to write a post about a travelling bear

Once upon a time, there was a bear named Max who loved to travel. He had roamed across many lands, from snow-capped mountains to scorching deserts, and had seen many wonderful sights. Max was a friendly bear, and he made many friends on his travels.

ChatGPT – 15/03/23

but it did not seem to fit, then I asked the AI to write a story about a little blue bear (it seems all stories must start Once upon a time).

Little blue bear story

Once upon a time, there was a little blue bear named Benny who lived in a lush forest in the mountains. Benny was the smallest of all the bears in the forest, but he had a big heart and a curious nature.

One day, while playing near the river, Benny saw a strange bird with bright feathers perched on a branch. The bird was injured and unable to fly. Benny felt sorry for the bird and wanted to help it. He tried to lift the bird with his small paws, but it was too heavy for him.

Benny didn’t give up. He went around the forest asking other animals for help. The rabbits, squirrels, and birds all said they were too busy to help. Disappointed but determined, Benny kept looking for someone who could help him.

Finally, he came across a wise old owl who agreed to help. The owl carefully examined the bird’s wings and instructed Benny to gather some healing herbs from the forest. Benny did as he was told, and the owl used the herbs to treat the bird’s injuries.

Days passed, and the bird grew stronger and healthier. It eventually flew away, leaving Benny feeling proud and happy that he was able to help. Word of Benny’s kindness soon spread throughout the forest, and the animals began to look up to him for his bravery and compassion.

From that day on, Benny became known as the little bear with a big heart, and he continued to help those in need whenever he could. The forest was a better place because of Benny’s kindness, and he lived a happy life surrounded by friends who loved him for who he was.

ChatGPT – 15/03/23

Except for calling the bear Benny (little blue bears are called Blueted obviously). I think it is a rather lovely story.

Now I am not suddenly going to write all my blog posts using AI. However, it is fun to see what comes back when you ask the matrix a question.

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