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Life at No3 – Introductions

As some of you may know, I live with Kiff and occasionally I steal his laptop and make posts on this site.

You may also be aware that Kiff has two lovely daughters, this means the house has a rather large number of toys and teddies, ranging from large dogs to tiny tiny hedgehogs. Some have been around for a while and some are brand new and just out of the packaging.

As I have been around the block a bit it falls to me to be senior teddy and manage the day to day environment of the house. Think Woody in Toy Story (and you thought that it was a film, it was really a documentary)

I thought it would be interesting to create a series of posts telling some or the highs and lows of life at No 3.

This post will mostly be an introduction to some of the key players


Spot is a floppy Labrador puppy, he is my right-hand dog, he was bought by Kiff as a guard dog to look after Mrs Kiff when he went off to work at Heathrow Airport. Spot is extremely loyal and very useful both as a mode of transport around the house (my legs aren’t getting any younger) and as a guide for some of the younger toys.


Scruffy is also a dog however he is of indeterminate breeding, he is relatively new to No 3 however, he is little Miss Mia’s favourite toy. It is funny how these things go Miss Iz did not have a favourite toy as such, but Miss Mia does and it is scruffy, trouble is scruffy has a habit of getting lost and thus creating chaos while everyone trying to find him.

The Horses

Pink and Black are the hobby horses of Miss Iz and Miss Mia they live on the ground floor usually but do occasionally venture up to the top floor of the house, thankfully they only possess the heads of horses this means no mucking out. They do however sometimes get stuck and require freeing

IMG_4130The Barbies

I am grouping these together, they are mostly Disney princesses and seem to often act as a gaggle (I am not sure if that is the collective terms of princesses but it works). They are as you would imagine a barbie princess to be. They are very high maintenance and cause no end of trouble for Spot and me

Graham the Duck

Anyone who follows me on twitter will know about Graham, he is a large yellow self-important duck that Kiff uses in some of his scouting events.


Spottywott & Dottywott

Spottywott and Dottywott are brother and sister, they have started to take on some of the huge travelling duties that I previously did with Kiff. The Wotts are great just a bit dappy at times.


The Tatties pink and blue are the newest members of the house, having just arrived at the house. That are just starting to find their feet and get used to things around here. As ever Spot is being his helpful self and making them feel as welcome as we can.

IMG_4142I think those are some of the key players, I am sure as/if this series takes off I can introduce more of the team.

I also post bits on Twitter under the #LifeatNo3 so you can join the discussion there if you want to.

TTFN Blueted

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