Blogging – #30daychallenge

When and why did you start blogging

I started this current format of the blog in 2008, when I chose to self host it. I previously had the blog for about 2 year, sat in a webspace provided by my ISP. However I had no end of issues including a complete crash and loss of all information, thus the choice to go self hosted.

So 2008 till 2014 that mean I have been blogging 6 years, or 8 years if you count the two in my previous ISP space.

Why did I sat are blogging as I say in the About the Blog page, I have always like the idea of writing a daily journal and prior to the blog, I had often started and fail to write a classic paper one. Then along came the idea of blogging and I thought maybe this is a way that I will be able to write a journal and stick at it.

The journey of current blog has not been straight forward, I often have time of writing block when I am unable to think of anything to write and the end of 2013 was one of those time. I think I was trying to focus to deeply on the topic of scouting and struggling to find anything to write about.

So maybe there will be another rebirth of the blog with a more journal feel to it again. Watch this space

Next Challenge is on the topic of Regret – what exactly? come back and find out.

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  1. mrdaddyd
    4 March, 2014

    I know how you feel Chris, blogging seems like a great idea and you can still see the good idea in it, then life and children get in the way. Here I am with yet another wordpress blog idea, and it’s still annoying, wordpress that is, but it does have some benefits. Go with your new ideas and give it a go.

    I too have a couple of new ideas, blogging but blogging in a different way. Plus lots of life changes at the moment too, but I’m sure if we keep striving we’ll get there eventually. Hopefully. Keep up the good work.

    1. Kiff
      4 March, 2014


      Thanks for the comments, you are as ever a stalwart of this blog and I value your input.


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