Self Portrait and 5 Random Facts

Self Portrait

Here I am this is my self-portrait


5 Random Facts

Fact one 

I am predominantly Left Handed. I say predominantly because there are some exceptions I am left handed for everything that I do one-handed e.g. Writing, playing darts, playing badminton or other racquet sports, throwing.

However I am right handed when two hands are involved so I eat right handed, I play golf right handed, I bat in cricket right handed.

Obviously, the eating is that is the way my parents told me to hold a knife and fork so I did and I think it is the same for cricket. My dad (who is right handed) said this is how you hold the cricket bat so I did.

Fact Two 

I don’t like Turkish delight, makes me shudder to think about it, I have no real logical reason for not liking it. I am just not a fan of eating chunks of squidgy perfume.

Fact Three 

I have never seen the film The Godfather, I actually own all three of the movies in a box set that I bought because I was under the impression that it is a film that every man should watch. I have just not had the drive to watch it.

Fact Four 

Despite not really having a religion so to speak, I will still say “to God and to the Queen” because it was the promise that I was first invested with and therefore I feel it is my promise (More on that here)

Fact Five 

I have a blue teddy that occasional tweets and writes blog posts you can find his work here and his twitter feed here.


So did you know any of those random facts about me, let me know in the comments.

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