Fresh Start

Ok….. Umm…. Yea….. Well…..

These are maybe not the best way to start anything really. However over recent months these seem to be the words that roamed around my head when I sat down to write a blog post.

A Fresh Start was needed.

So having continually found I had nothing to say I sat down and took stock

  • Do I still want to write this blog any more.
  • Do I have a Fresh Start in terms of blank page
  • Do I just have a Fresh Start in terms of a fresh coat of paint

I am not a quitter so the option was a fresh start.  I felt that a coat of paint (i.e. new theme was not what I wanted) so a completed Fresh Start it is.

I have regrouped and I have a plan I think.

Matt Heaton / Unsplash – Sometime you have to leap and hope that you land somewhere for a fresh start

The plan looks something like this

  • Stage 1 – I have moved all previous posts to a Draft state and I will be reviewing them and re-publishing them over the next few month. (Yes I know that is cheating)
  • Stage 2 – I have focused my blog into four main categories. Scouting, Family, Photography and Travel this will hopefully give me some focus to the bits I am writing.
  • Stage 3 – Get back on the horse and write some posts.

Who knows what comes after that, I guess only time will tell.

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