Jabbering January a short look back at my 2021

Happy New Year to you and yours and welcome to 2022,

As always at this time in the year, I do some looking back and some looking forward. It is always wonderful when we get a chance to stop and take stock. In the case of my blog, it is looking back at what I did and looking forward to what I am going to do.

So this time last year, when I was looking back at my blog it was fair to say it had been pretty dormant and I was hoping to find a way to post more in 2021.

As part of my review, I set some informal goals.

  1. To make a post once a month
  2. To keep my reading log up to date
  3. To not stress if i did not post.

Now in 2022 how did I get on with those goals?

  1. 50/50 – For the first 6 month I did ok the second 6 month all was quite again
  2. CHECK – I have managed to do this and you can find it here
  3. CHECK – you get what you get, life is to short to worry.

So what am I going to do in 2022 well I am going to keep trying to post, I hope that as the world opens up and travel and international scouting comes back on the table I will have more things to talk about.

For now, I am going to remind myself of goal 3 and not stress about it. Let’s be honest this post should have been made around the 7th of Jan and it’s now the 30th.

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