Picture them Naked.

Naked is not always best

I was recently asked for some advice about speaking in front of people at an AGM, my first thought was to say picture them naked.


However, when I actually thought about that statement I am not really sure if that would work. I think if I was in a room full of naked people I would start to feel rather self-conscious and somewhat uneasy. 

I did have some advice which I felt was useful and so I shared it 

Better Advice

I would like to say I have given thousands of speeches and I am never nervous, but that is not the case. I am always worried about giving them, I guess it is something about standing in front of your peers.

That said apart from picturing them naked here are some suggestions Some suggestions for you.

  1. If you’re in front of a room full of adults remember that you must be doing something right. Most AGM’s I have been to usually have the leaders and two other adults that did not realise there were not supposed to be there. If there are lots of people there it means what you’re doing in running the troop first rate. 
  2. Make sure you kick off your speech by thanking your team of VOLUNTEERS and it is important to emphasise without overdoing it that your all volunteers. There is a key reason behind this, it not just about saying to people I am not paid for this but it also in people minds sets them to think about support. It may not be support as in I will come along and help but it might be support on the night and for your speech. 
  3. Be honest with people if someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to say so, but follow that up with “but I know where to find out – and if you see me after and give me your contact details when I have the answer I will let you know” 
  4. I am not sure how your AGM will work but it is likely you would have a representative either from County or from District or both depending on the message they want to push and if you have invited them or not – don’t be afraid to defer to them for support if the question is about a district event put it in the court of the District Rep. 
  5. Read your speech aloud to someone beforehand. Sit a person/friend/partner down and tell them this is their chance to be as difficult as they can be. Get them to ask any questions no matter, how daft, they can think of. Make a note of the questions and have a think about how to answers to those questions if they came up or amend your speech to answer the questions. 
  6. Open positively and end on a positive note people mostly listen to the beginning and end of the speech, their minds wander in the middle. If the beginning and end are positive then it stands to reason that the middle was and they will be happy with the message. 
  7. Finally, have confidence in your speech and try if you can to learn it, if you deliver it confidently then people will accept that you know what you’re talking about. If you fumble through reading if from your notes then people will think you have no clue.


They were my bits of advice but do you have any they you would like to share? Maybe one that don’t involve picturing people naked

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