Have you ever watched the film Bucket List (it’s no Citizen Kane but it good fun if you want a Friday forget about it movie) anyway it got me thinking I should really create my own Bucket list.

When my 40B440 project collapsed, it became easier to produce this bucket list as I already had a starter for ten. 

Anyone who sets goals for themself knows that if you unless you write them down somewhere you will never hold yourself to account to as an addition to this bucket list I have added “in year” goals.

I will hopefully have many years before I am worm food and with the addition of in year goals this is more of a living bucket list/life challenges list. 


Here is my Lists

2021 GOALS
  • Lose 3 Stone
  • Strengthen my French
  • Read (including Audiobooks) 20 books in 2021
  • Physically read 5 books in 2021
  • Play Badminton again
  • Walk up Snowdon again
  • Walk up Ben Nevis
  • Write a Short Story
  • Visit 5 different Landmarks in 5 different cities in at least 3 countries
  • Read Scouting for Boys
  • Read The Harry Potter Books
  • Read The Sherlock Homes Books
  • Create a time-lapse photo
  • Play the fiver trophy on an 18 hole course
  • Prove I can still do an Eskimo role
  • Find 5 Geo Cashes
  • Sleep in a Hammock
  • Complete a Microadventure
  • Go wild swimming in the UK
  • Camp with Daughters
  • Go to Gilwell Reunion
  • Grow 4 different types of veg in my garden
  • Be part of an International Scouting Event
  • Create a Time lapse film
  • Take part in Movember
  • Lose 2 Stone
  • Go to watch Gloucester play rugby
  • Go to watch Scotland Play an international again
  • Sleep in a Bivi
  • Grow Facial hair for 12 Months
  • Give 25 pints of blood
  • Run in a 5k race
  • Run in a 10k race
  • Try Surfing – the watery kind
  • Be able to do 40 sit-ups
  • Be able to do 40 push-ups
  • Walk the Cotswold Way
  • Learn to Dive
  • Go back to Hawaii
  • Visit India
  • Go to watch rugby at all 6 Nations Stadiums
  • Go back to visit Brunei
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