Changing Travel

flying plane leaving contrails

Travel is becoming quite regular in my life a the moment. I drafted this post sat on a plane flying back to the UK.

I have now been travelling pretty much the same journey for work since September 2020 and it is fascinating how things have changed.

When I started travelling regularly, COVID was still very much on everyone’s minds. You had to get COVID tests before departing the UK, before leaving your destination and when you arrived back in the UK.

flying plane leaving contrails
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You wore a mask at all times until you were safely in your hotel room on your own, or back home.

With all this testing and the requirement to have a valid reason to travel, there were very few people travelling. In most cases, you had a whole row to keep everyone 2m apparent.

Travel today

I have now flown on 50 different aeroplanes, taken a total of 120 flights and travelled a distance of almost 122,370km.

Travel is now back to normal. It is still a gamble if you get someone sat next to you or if you get a bit more space. The ebb and flow of people in the airport tracks the holidays and it is interesting to see how the week after the holidays the airport is always just as busy but with a different group of people who are taking advantage of no kids and cheaper prices.

Travel observations

I would like to share some observations that I have made over the last couple of years

  • Flying with a mask on is not as bad as you expect. I would be tempted to continue to do it when there are flu and bugs around.
  • Even now when someone coughs, I move further away inside the airport terminal.
  • Lounges are worth it even if it is just for an easy place to go for a pee
  • The aisle seat on the emergency row for me the best seat on the plane. 11D is my most commonly used seat
  • Being first onto the plane is not always a benefit.
  • You need less time than you think.
  • It can get repetitive however, no matter how many times I fly I still enjoy the thrill of take off.
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