February and March were they hard or just in my mind

February and March…..

I tend to throw titles or bits of text into Evernote for blog posts as I think of them, then draft the post when I have more time. 

Evernote is my spare brain

Towards the middle of March, I wrote a note that said “February was hard.” Now as I reflect on the title and write the post I wonder what was happening in the moment that made me think this was the case. 

When I wrote the prompt, I had realised that I had not written a blog post in February or the first half of March, and I had not moved any of my personal projects along so I was probably thinking “you have a get out Chris, you could write an excuse post about why you have not done anything.” 

Looking back

Looking back at February and March:

  • They were colder and wetter months and I did not get outside as much,
  • lockdown continued to plod on giving the feeling of monotony,
  • I had become busy at work and was struggling to fit everything into the day,
  • the whole distance learning was starting to take its toll on my daughters (mainly from a lack of social interaction),
  • and in February we had to make the decision to cancel some of our 2021 holiday plans. 
Photo by Vlad Chețan on Pexels.com

That does seem like a lot of “problems,” one of my challenge for 2021 is to have a more positive mental attitude to things this was obviously not the case when I wrote the note.

I find that I sometimes have a fixed mindset and even after only reading half of Mindset by Carol Dweck I am keen to change this and develop more of a growth mindset about things
These “problems”  are the kind that instead of getting me down are the ones that I should be adapting for a growth mindset to fix, they are also what some would say are nice problems to have. 

  • It’s cold outside but the roof over your head keeps you dry and warm. 
  • You did not go out much, put on a coat and go for a walk and enjoy the rain 
  • To busy at work, be thankful that you have a job to make you busy. 
  • Yes, you cancelled some holiday plans but now you can make more. 

In the end, this post was about me getting back on the horse for writing blog posts. Here is hoping I don’t fall off again after a week.

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