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Films are such a personal thing.

However, following from my post back in Feb about the 6 people you would have for dinner. I thought I would try 5 films everyone should have seen by the time their 40.
This will be quite personal, it would be so easy to list so-called great movies like Brief Encounters (which I have never seen) or The Godfather (again never seen).
However, this is my personal list of films which I think you should have watched.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – growing up this was the ultimate movie of playing the system. It was one of the first movies I remember seeing. I was a model student and in 5 years of secondary education, I had 2 days off. So here was a guy bunking off to have the ultimate day off. It also has one of the dumbest ways to smash up a car I have ever seen.

ET – This movie captured me. I remember going to the movies with my mum to watch it and really crying when ET was dying. It captured my imagination as a small boy and ok it is a bit outdated now and people say if you look closely you can see the wires where they lift the bikes but who cares.

Toy Story – Some of you will know, I have a bear called Blueted. He is starting to get very tatty round the edges but has spent a lifetime travelling with me and having fun. I love the idea that when I am not in the room blue gets into all sorts of scrapes. It explains why sometimes I find him under the bed or down the back of the nightstand. I think we all have/had a favourite toy and the idea that they are really alive all be it in a Toy way and all they want is to be loved by their owner is great. It was the first movie to spawn a generation of movies like Shrek, Monsters Inc, Cars and so forth. It really started the cartoon movie phase and was the first of its kind.

Jerry McGuire – What can I say “You Had Me at Hello” this was the movie that had us all fall in love with Renee Zellweger. I like a soppy movie now and again and I am not ashamed to admit that as RomComs go I like this one. Also the old mentor of Jerry McGuire gives some great life lessons “I love my Life, I love my Wife, that all there is to it” and “Live each day like you mean it” really can’t go wrong with that.

Dark Crystal – When people talk about Jim Henson they think of the Muppets. However, they were only one part of the puppetry studio that is Henson ran. The Dark Crystal was the first movie to combine puppets and animatronics for the whole movie. It is also a magical story about the struggle of good and evil and how one really can’t survive without the other.

So that is my 5 films. Come on tell me where I am wrong or the ones I am missing, would love to hear your five



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  1. Mark T
    22 June, 2011

    In the order I thought of them.

    1. Scream, a horror classic
    2. Enter The Dragon, dated but still good.
    3. Alien, forget the others, the first Alien movie was fantastic
    4. Terminator, the original and still the best
    5. Hero (Jet Li) \ Flying Daggers, some great colours and wirework

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