Perfect Job – What is yours

The Perfect Job,

Is there such a thing?

If there is what would be yours be?

See for me there is no easy answer to that question it depends on my situation I have four categories for which a perfect job could fit into.

If we make the assumption that our current situation is ground level then my perfect job go up in the following levels

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100ft above ground level

This is the situation where you find a Perfect Job that gives you a similar remuneration to your current situation, allowing you to quit your current job.

For me this perfect job would be in the Third Sector, something project management related and linked to working with young people.

1000ft above ground level

This is where you get the balls to quit your job and take a punt of something and hope that it works.

I still feel this would be something in the third sector but maybe something in the area of event project management, preferably working for myself.

10,000ft above ground level

This is where for whatever reason, you get to a position where you are financially comfortable. Maybe one partner works and makes enough for you both or you get a medium lottery win and therefore only one of you needs to work.

At this level, my perfect job would be a house husband. Devote my time to the kids and maybe try and do a better job of blogging.

I enjoy writing blog posts but I struggle to find the time to do it, it would also be nice to earn some money on the side via blogging.

perfect job
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100,000ft above ground level

This is where money is no object you have just landed a ridicules euro millions lottery win and your now worth more than Richard Branson.

I would then look to set up my own project and event management consultanct to work in an almost pro bono style or maybe a pay what you can type way.

It would be able to be both a small patrol backwoods camp and a large county jamboree venue.

What about you reader, what is your perfect job?

As always I would love to hear from you, please feel free to comment below on the post or share with others using the social media buttons.

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  1. cilben
    27 August, 2014

    I probably do two of my favourite jobs already. I home teach my two boys aged 10 & 11, which I have been doing for a year and a half now. There education has come on in leaps and bounds and they are so much more confident and happy. The only downside is lack of money coming in, but you only get one chance of parenting and the boys are doing magnificently well, plus we have so much fun. Secondly I’m a scout leader, would like to do this full time paid but there you go you can only dream, although there is the odd fellow leader I wouldn’t want to spend all that time with, I’d go mad. Other than that I would love to run a second hand bookshop, run a scout camp site or living miles from anyone looking after a forest, but that’s because I’m a miserable git.

    1. Kiff
      31 August, 2014

      All sounds great

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