Spot the Difference – 5 things that have changed with Jabbering

Last week I let on that I am hoping that 2021 will be a better year for this blog. To assist this goal I have made some changes to tidy up, cull and repurpose some bits across the site. I hope it will make a difference. However, please if you find broken links please let me know.

First difference

The major difference is that I have focused my blog into six key areas

  • My Little Soapbox – This will be where I capture those random thoughts, questions, rants and general storytelling.
  • Scouting – A significant portion of my life is linked to scouting. It would be amiss to not have a scouting section
  • Photography – This is a pastime that I enjoy. I hope that by sharing my shots with you I will be able to get better at it. Feedback is always welcome.
  • Adventures – This is not a travel blog, but I do enjoy adventures they often create great stories. I will try and share some of my adventures with you.
  • Life-Long Learning – This is the newest area of this blog and is something I want to develop. I want to keep learning in an effort to remain informed and relevant.
  • Projects – This area is to capture some of the larger elements such as my Book List or Bucket List or larger projects I am or have been involved with.

Second difference

I am setting myself a pretty relaxed goal of three posts a month. Previous incarnations of this blog, I kicked off with a post calendar looking to post two times a week. While this was great for month one I found I very quickly ran out of steam.

Having accepted that; I am not a professional blogger who needs to post three or for times a day to make a difference in the world. I am not trying to earn revenue from this blog. Although there are a few ads and I do have an amazon affiliates programme running so feel free to click links it all helps.

The Third

I have updated my book and whisky list making sure it captures the books read and whiskies drunk 2020

The Fourth

I have updates my Bucket List to capture some completed items and to add in goals for 2021

The Fifth and final difference

I don’t really have a fifth difference. However, a title of four things that change does not have the same ring as five things that have changed.

Maybe the fifth difference could be me. I have a different outlook for the blog as mentioned above. No longer am I trying to blog for stats or tweets or money. I am blogging for me

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