To Blog or not to Blog that is the Question

Blogging in 2018

Well, 2018 turned out to be a dreadful year for this blog but let’s face it the last couple of years have I completely lost my way both in inspiration and in time. 

What I did do was:

  • I tinkered around the edges
  • I played with some ideas.
  • I reposted some old content
  • I reviewed some old content
  • I procrastinated and then procrastinated some more
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Despite doing all that, what I did not do was write any new content and I have not done for well over 12 month
Its not like I did not have anything to blog about from a content creation point of view over the last 12 months I had lots of seed ideas for my blog 

  • Travel – I visited Bucharest, Geneva, Morzine, London, Disneyland Paris, Antwerp to name a few
  • Scouting – I led a project to deliver a European Region Educational Methods Forum, I met up with old friends made new ones, started to embed into my county role.
  • Family – there were many opportunities here to write content about the fun and adventures I have had with my wife and the girls. 

With all that content I just could not find the groove to write. 
So ……………… 

Blogging in 2019

image credit: Markusspiske

A new year is often the signal for a new start and I feel that I would like to write again.   I know, I am never going to be a blogger that is posting 3-4 posts per day. Not to say the idea of sitting in a small cafe in some remote place, making my living from blogging about my adventure. However, I think I am a bit late to start down that road.  
So in 2019, I want to try and create some new content for this blog and capture some of the adventures of 2019 I also have ideas for a new look for this blog making it a little cleaner.

So what am I going to do:

  • Tinker around the edges
  • Play with some ideas
  • Reposted some old content
  • Review some old content
  • Procrastinated and then procrastinated some more
  • Write one new post a month.

So finger crossed 2019 will be more productive in terms of the blog. 

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