Trying to come back in 2021

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Trying to remember the last post I wrote for this site before and I can’t.

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Now almost in 2021 I am having a look back and the last post published was in November 2019 but that was a repost of something I wrote in 2016. September 2019 I made a short post to try a photo gallery.

Last time I posted new content was probably January 2019 when I wrote about reading and trying to read more.

2019 was not a good year for this blog and 2018 was pretty dry as well. I would like to say I just did not have time but in truth, I had no ideas.

Then along came 2020, we all know how that went, and I had no desire or inspiration do to anything.

However I am feeling renewed for 2021, I have some ideas, I am hoping to get out more so fingers crossed this might last longer than January.

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