What is your guilty pleasure movie – mine is…

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Is there that one movie that you have seen many many times that you can call your guilty pleasure,
I have a couple but there is one that probably stands above them all

Definitely, Maybe

The 2008 Ryan Reynolds movie Definitely, Maybe can be called my guilty pleasure. I know it is soppy and I know that from very early in the movie the outcome. However, I enjoy it and I am not 100% sure why.

I guess it is just a nice feel good movie.
This was not a movie I watched when it came out. I think I came across it while staying away from home and flicking on a hotel TV, I saw it for the first time from about halfway in (the joy of hotels before Netflix or downloaded movies). A year or so later I then found it and watched the whole movie and enjoyed it.

Guilty Pleasure

What makes a guilty pleasure. For me, is something that you know you should not be watching more than two or three times, it is a movie that you seek out like a comfort blanket, that you can stop, get distracted from, even go off have dinner come back to and pick up without thinking about what the scene before what you know it so well. 

Maybe it is not your definition of a guilty pleasure but it is mine. Definitely, maybe is a movie I watch at least once a year and I have done since about 2016/2017.

So much out there

I promise guilty pleasure movies is not all I watch. Now I travel with Netflix, Disney+, Amazon etc. gone are the days when I had to rely on hotel tv. I have a whole plethora of movies available to me. This means I often pick out series like Witcher, Lucifer or The Queen’s Gambit to watch.

I am always looking for recommendations and would recommend the above to anyone who has not watched them.

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