My Projects

Welcome to my projects page

I am calling these project but that are a whole host of things I am working on or am/have been involved with.  Some will be related to the blog some will be related to real life. Please feel free to have a look around.

Bucket List

After recently watched the film Bucket List (it's no Citizen Kane but it good fun if you want a Friday forget about it movie) anyway it got me thinking I should really create my own Bucket list You can find mine here

40 Single Malts

As part of my 40B440 challenge, I set myself the task of tasting 40 different single malts. I did not complete this task by my 40 birthday but I am dedicated to completing it. This page is the catalogue of those malts tasted.

My Reading List

Very Simple - this is a list of the book I have read starting in 2015. List can be found here