Local walks in 2020 a selection of photos

2020 was for most people a year of local walks, it was no different in my house. I have explored my local area more in the last year than I have done in the previous four in the area. It has been wonderful to find nature, wilderness, beauty and many other exciting things.

Along with exercise and the enhancement of my mental well being. One of the things local walks did provide me with was the continued opportunity to indulge my interest in photography

Here is a small selection of landscape photos. All taken on my phone locally (except for two) at various point throughout the year.

Now in 2021, I plan to continue to explore both my local area and a little further afield, maybe picking up on this statement from Alastair Humphreys in his post A Single Map is Enough

I have decided to explore a single map. To search closer to my front door than ever before for the things that matter to me: adventure, nature, weather, wildness, exercise, surprises, silence, new people, wanderlust, and curiosity.

Alastair Humphreys – A single map is enough

Maybe I should create my own local map and explore more.

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