I am calling these project, but they are a whole host of things I am working on or am/have been involved with. Some will be related to the blog some will be related to real life. Please feel free to have a look around

My Book List

Since 2015 I have been tracking the book I have read and you can see the list here

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Bucket List

As part of a project I called 40B440 I created a bucket list – I did not compete the list by the time I was 40 but kept the list/project going

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Single Malts List

Similar to the Book List I have been tracking the single Malts tried and this is my current list my plan is for it to grow

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Mini projects

There are at times mini projects that come along and I thought it would be a good idea to capture these here

WOSM Services Consultant
9th European Educational Methods Forum – Complete

The aim of the European Education Forum is to bring together those involved with the delivery of the Scouting programme in their National Scout Organisations and Associations, and through knowledge transfer, inspirational discussion, networking and support, assists those NSOs/NSAs in developing and implementing educational methods policies, strategies, projects and initiatives to better support the involvement of young people in their communities.

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When was the last time you did something for the first time

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