Forty before Forty


Well, years passed and life got in the way and as is always the way, I did not complete my 40B40 however what I have done is added all the challenges to my bucket list and I will continue to work on them from there. 

Forty before Forty

It has come to my attention that I am not getting any younger, in fact, I am approaching a certain so called life milestone.

Forty_before_FortyAt the time of writing this I am 36 and in three and a half years I will be the big Four Zero (bet that makes you feel old TOM.) In realising that this milestone was approaching I thought I should really do something with the time in the three and a half years to mark the last years of my thirties.

At this point, I should offer a nod and a tip of the hat to 39 Dreams and 40 things to do before I’m 40. As not long after the realising that the milestone was close and I should do something, I stumbled across these websites and thus Forty before Forty was born.

I have set myself 38 challenges (yes I know but keep reading) to complete in the three and a half years. The challenges range from reading books to capsizing kayaks from cooking dishes to climbing mountains the full this can be found on the Forty before Forty page (This has now been closed).

You’re probably not asking why do this? but I am going to tell you. For one reason I get forty posts from it, secondly, I often feel I don’t challenge myself enough so this is my chance to do it. The plan will be to mark challenges in progress in Orange and challenges completed in Green, I also plan to write a post and provide photographic evidence of completion.

Ok, you can ask your question now

“Why is it called Forty before Forty if you only have 38 challenges?”

Well, I am offering the remaining two challenges to you, my readers. All you need to do is become a subscriber to the blog (just add you email address to the email subscription on the top left-hand side) like the Facebook page if you have not done already and then suggest a challenge in the comments below, I will then check and verify the suggestion and pick two challenges that most interest me end of January and they will become challenges 39 and 40.

The small print - I am not a multi millionaire and I have a family so challenges like, meet everyone of your twitter
followers or fly to every continent will be removed unless your paying for me and my family.

Challenges are live as of this post going live and I look forward to taking up the challenge.

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