What I read in 2021 – was it a good reading year

It is that time of year to look back at the running log of books I have read. I keep a full list in my “projects” where I have been tracking the books since 2015

I did a bit more travelling in 2021 and the walking challenge in July, August and September. These together helped the number of books I consumed to pass the 2020 value.

2021 was a good year, and it was my best year since I started to track. I managed to pass my 20 book peak of 2019 with a whopping 22 books consumed

The top 4 read

So what were my 2021 gems?

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir*- I selected this Audiobook a bit out of the blue it was an Audible recommendation and I thought ok I will give it a bash. it was a humorous mix of science comedy and drama and I would recommend anyone to take a read. It lead me on to then read the Martian which I also enjoyed.
The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom* – this was not the book I thought it would be and I am not sure it “addresses the meaning of life” for me but it was enjoyable to follow Eddie’s journey.
The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle *– Both in work and in scouting I work with groups of people and I found this book more interesting in telling me what I need to make be better in a group. I am sure I can also learn how to be better in that situation.
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig* – I like Matt Haig he is great at tackling mental health issues and writes some wonderful kids books. A boy called Christmas almost made this list.
This book explores a concept about how multiple lives exist following each decision we make and has some wonderful twists.
It will also make anyone who reads it and has had one of those moments where you get to the top of the stairs and then look around like “hmm how did I get here” shudder (read the book you will see)
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