30 amazing facts


What amazing facts do you know about scouting

For example did you know that David Bowie’s first public performance happened at Scouts? Or that Hergé’s legendary character Tintin is based on a Scout?  The Scout Association have published a list of 30 amazing scouting facts.

So here goes

  • David Bowie’s first public musical performance was at a Scout camp on the Isle of Wight in 1958. David accompanied his friend George Underwood on the ukulele, while George played washboard bass and sang.
  • During World War II over 50,000 Scouts trained to undertake National War Service jobs, including acting as police messengers, firemen and stretcher bearers.
  • 31 million people are active in Scouting across the world – that’s equal to the population of Peru
  • In the past one hundred years, over half a billion men and women have taken the Scout Promise.
  • In the past decade, 43,000 girls and young women have joined Scouts, Cubs and Beavers. That’s the same as the population of Folkestone.
  • Scout Leaders contribute the equivalent of 37 million hours of voluntary work every year – worth an estimated £380 million pounds.

For  a full list of the facts head over to the UK Scout Associations website –> Here

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