5 Things to do with your Scouting Magazine once you have read it

5 Things to do with your Scouting Magazine once you have read it

We all get our scouting magazine every couple of month land on our mats, but once you have diligently read the magazine from cover to cover at lease three times, what do you do with it next.

Here are 5 things you should do with your magazine:

5 Things Option One – The Giveaway

5_Things_giveawayIf your like me you have a box file with all your scouting magazine in them or maybe they are proudly displayed on the window sill of your downstairs toilet. Head to your chosen collecting area and count back over the last 6 months worth of magazine.

Ok you got them, great, put those magazines to one side, now the remaining stash of magazines these are the ones we are working with the ones that are older than 6 months.

Separate them into two piles, there does not need to be any order to them but I would suggest that you make sure there is a mix of ages in each pile.

Finally head down to your local doctors surgery or dentist and ask the receptionist if they would like them. Most surgeries are looking for reading material and this is an ideal opportunity to reach a wider audience. You could also ask the receptionist if you could post your want to join poster on their local community notice board.

5 Things Option Two – Additional Learning

5_things_educationWe all know it but Scouting is a fabulous source of non-formal education and the supplements that are included in scouting, the Instant Scouting and the Get Active highlight great ways in which this non-formal education can be delivered.

Building a chariot for a chariot race, is as much about under standing the math behind angles and length and the science behind force and inertia as it is about good knots.

So why not share that non formal education, gather up all those supplements and take them down to the local primary school, give them to the Year 4/5 teacher and I am sure they will probably bite your hand off for the information.

I know when I did took along my supplements the teacher was very grateful for the information.

5 Things Option Three – Change is as good as a Rest

5_things_changeThere you are sat on the royal throne playing flappy birds on your phone.

aside I am thinking of getting swords welded to my toilet so I can command the seven kingdoms while I go.

Admit your never going to get any further with flappy birds, reach up to the window shelf and pick up an old copy of Scouting Magazine and read back over it. You never know there might be something there that will spark an idea for your next explorer meeting or expedition.

And if it does not then back to flappy birds you can go.

5 Things Option Four – Youth Lead Programme


We need to go back to the collecting exercise in option 1 for the start of this option however I would suggest collecting all bar the latest edition of the magazine.

Once you have them all collected in one place take them with you to you next explorer meeting and let the young people see them. Scouting magazine if for adults, so the young people may not have seen it.
Your hope around letting them see the magazine is:

  • They might see some activity or badge or event they would like to attend and you can build on their enthusiasm to drive the activity forward.
  • For those who are in the Role of Young Leader this could be a valuable resource that they have not had access to and can support them in their missions and programme planning. aside young leaders if register with HQ, they can have a login to programmes online
  • If the young people take the magazines home then there is a chance to show parents more of what we do and potentially open up recruitment opportunities.

5 Things Option Five – Wilderness Survival


Finally options is the wilderness survival option, there are a number of use for the magazine that include:

  • fire lighting,
  • origami bowl
  • sun hat
  • toilet paper
  • torn into a grass skirt
  • low magnification telescope
  • fan
  • fly swatter
  • Small shelter for a pet mouse

Well there you have it 5 uses for Scouting Magazine after you have read it. If you do something different with your magazine please let me know in the comments below.
Why not use the sharing buttons and share these uses with your friend and start a debate below about the best use of the Magazine

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  1. Chas bailey
    17 April, 2014

    I’ve gots lots of mountain bike magazines which will now be going to the doctors surgery as a result of reading this. Hopefully people reading them will do more exercise and avoid the doctors as opposed to falling off and ending up at the doctors.

    1. Kiff
      19 April, 2014

      I hope they are grateful for your donation and I am glad the post inspired you.

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