The Beast of the Night took place over the weekend of the 20th/21st October 2012, It was billed as a 24 hour Explorer Scout event for all Explorers in the Gloucestershire Scout County.

Beast_of_the_NightI am not sure where the BEAST name came from it was there before I got involved with Gloucestershire previous events have been BEAST of the Forest and Beast of the Lake.

As this was a 24 hour event we decided on BEAST of the Night The event opened at 12:00 on the 20th segways slack lining, cardboard box caving prusicking face painting, T-Shirt Printing, Music and other activities. The activities kept going until about 18:00 at which point day time activities switched over to evening activities, with a Disco kicking off a Mocktail bar opening we even had a Wii with Wii dance on which proved very popular and rather amusing to watch everyone dancing in sync following the actions on the screen.

BEAST_NIGHT_SegwayWe also managed to squeeze in a live band, a fire display, campfire and a silent disco keeping everything going until about 02:30 at which point we put on a movie in the cinema tent to see us through the last few hours till dawn brake.

I was rather bemused by the choice of movie, we had Wallace and Grommit but the explorer decided they would prefer to watch Black Sheep [DVD] which seemed to be a zombie sheep movie (not really my cup of tea).

As the sun rose on the Sunday there were still some explorers chatting around the campfire and as the smell of bacon being cooked started to rouse those that had decided to head off to bed.

We had planned to have some light activities for the Sunday morning but with 90 tired explorers stripping camp and tidying up was about the most that could be expected.

The event seemed like a success, the Beast of the Night had 90 young people from across the county present making it the largest Beast event so far – I guess next year we will just have to make it bigger and with team of adults we have working on it I am sure they are all up for the challenge.

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