We are not Experts

While reading through the blog In Kirsty’s Words by Kirtsy. I came across an interesting post entitled We Are Your Leaders

We are not experts. We’re your next-door neighbors. We’re not perfect; we are just parents like you.

We don’t have any more spare time or energy than you do. We all work full time and juggle our families and our schedules and try to keep it all together as best we can.

The only difference between us is that we believe in what Girl Guiding has to offer. So much so, that we contribute our time, our miles, and our talents to help our girls and your girls grow in Guiding.

This is just a short extract from the full post and you should head on over and read it all.


The post is written from the Guiding stance but if you convert guiding to Scouting and girls to young people it applies equally to scouts.

I especially like the closing paragraph

We are, after all, only mentors…role models…leaders. Volunteers who have taken an oath to give these girls, your girls, the most precious gift we have to offer – the gift of time.

That gift of time, leads to so many things, fun, friendships, adventure, education, personal development the list goes on.

So make sure what time you give you give with 100% commitment

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  1. Kirsty T
    5 September, 2013

    Thanks for linking to my blog, I shamelessly stole it from someone else, however it’s so inspiring! 🙂

    1. Kiff
      5 September, 2013

      I agree, it was a good article and felt it should be shared.


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