Fundamentals of Scouting

Well, that was a rather crazy week, I think the fundamentals of becoming a puffin ninja master have been learned but I will never cope with the feeding.  An I am not sure I will get over being greeted every morning with this sight.


Believe you and me it is a terrifying sight to wake up to particularly when accompanied by the sound track to this motivational video “I AM A CHAMPION” and no matter how hard you train they just keep force feeding you sand eels very unsettling.

However I am back better, stronger, wiser and smelling more of fish.

I do have a deep unsettling feeling that like in the film Zoolander the CilBen Collective have implanted a trigger word and if said will set off a chain of events that only the Great Puffin Master can explain but we shall see I guess.


Getting back to what passes for normal service, I want to ask you about youth participation and youth engagement.

You may be aware that the fundamentals of scouting have undergone a review and that we will soon be seeing the output of this review.

During the course of 2010 we held a consultation exercise which asked Members to share their thoughts on the Fundamentals and whether it was appropriate to make any revisions. We held an online survey and received a great deal of feedback. The results of this exercise are due to be shared in October 2012 so please check Scouting Magazine then.

via The review of the Fundamentals of Scouting.

I expect that the new fundamentals will aim to focus us on the empowerment of young people to lead the movement forward.

However, in making a move to empower people we have to understand our start point. I am therefore wondering if you were to think of youth participation in the organisation and running of scouting at whatever level you support (cubs, scouts, explorers, district, county/Area) and were then asked to score yourself from one to eight as how you felt youth participation and engagement adopted. Where would you score your group/unit/troop/district etc?

Let me know in the comments?

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