Hot Bananas

Oh, Bananas!

As another Sunday draws to a close many cubs, Scouts and Explorers will be packing away tents and telling stories to mum about what they did at camp.

Bananas and Fire

banana fire
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One thing some will have tried for the first time or for the 100th time is cooking on fires.

Now for some reason whenever scouts have a fire they seem to always cook bananas and chocolate and my question is why?

They are lovely the way the chocolate oozes

I mean, I like bananas and I like chocolate, some would say I am rather odd as I like older bananas on toast and a peanut butter a banana sandwich is wonderful.
However hot banana just gives me the heebee geebeeies it is the one camp food I really can’t eat whenever it is on the menu I always take my banana and my chocolate and eat the composite parts individually so much nicer.

If it is not hot bananas what is the one camp food that turns your stomach?

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  1. Nick Wood
    4 May, 2010

    Bananas and chocolate are lovely!

    Now 'bread' twists cooked over and open fire – yuk!

  2. Ben Davidson
    6 May, 2010

    Bananas and chocolate is gorgeous, mmm. This is so often done on camps because its so easy to do. Plus some leaders don’t seem to be very adventurous when it comes to camp cooking. As for the worst, well I have seen many examples on various camps. But the worst is usually anything cooked in fat, some people just can’t cook and seem to think food should be cooked in an inch of fat.

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