Jabbering Takeover – Motivation

As we read this our Ninja Puffin Leader in the making is making fine progress in his training. He has been let lose from his crate and learning to master the new Ninja power and moves. For all those that are reading this, we will be exclusively revealing a sneaky paparazzi shot of our Kiff in training. Please don’t worry he does have his top on in the photo, we’ll will be revealing this here at Jabbering at 1pm today!!!!!!

Back to today’s topic though, MOTIVATION. How do you motivate your young members in Scouting. We all know what teenagers can be like, so how do you do it? DO you try to motivate your members every week? Or just for big events? Do you motivate them with actions or words? Do they need motivating? Is there a big difference in the sections, such as Beavers and Scouts?

I am a big NFL fan,  and every September when the NFL season starts it means I get five months of my favourite sport. Looking through Youtube, I often come across motivation videos such as the one below.

Click for video here!

The Cilben Collective

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