Scouting Regrets

Do you have an regrets?

I am sure we can all think of some but do you have any scouting regrets. I have been involved with scouting since the age of 8 so 36 years and I have two.

One of which I have been able to in part correct and the other will always be there.

My first regret is that I never attended a World Scout Jamboree as a Participant. This is the one I have managed to impart correct as I have attended as an adult. When I was a Scout, the group I was involved was a great group but very insular, they did not really mix in District and County type events. There was only really two we got involved in, the Raft Race and the Canoe Camp. Now don’t get me wrong we had a very active scouting programme and an annual week-long camp etc. However, we never got to hear about the other opportunities in scouting such as Jamborees and the such like.

The Second and my biggest scouting regret is I never had the opportunity to complete my Explorer Belt.
I am not really sure how this happened. Probably something to do with not quite fitting in with my venture unit, getting a job, going to university etc. There is no complaints or finger-pointing it is down to choices I made at the time and as such, I missed out on completing this prestigious award.
I guess as an adult I could support or organise an explorer belt expedition, but I will never hold the award myself.

So tell me do you have any Scouting Regrets?

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  1. kiff76
    24 October, 2010


    Do you hold the explorer belt



    1. Nick
      25 October, 2010

      No, I don't seem to remember it being around when I had the chance (or it was just brought out).
      Not to worry!

      1. kiff76
        29 October, 2010

        It certainly was not just brought out, it is probably as old at the Queen Scout maybe slightly younger.

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