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Content is King

I saw this cartoon when it was tweeted by someone the other day


It is amazing how true this can be, in particular in scouting circles. I have been in conversations which go along the lines the exact same lines of this cartoon.

Content is king, that is what you read about Social Media or blogging or on-line engagement, and people will only follow or continue to engage with you if you have content to share.

So I would urge you if your thinking about getting a twitter profile for your scout group or ESU just have a think about:

  • Your Audience
  • What they want to know

Then decide:

  • Do I have the content to satisfy the audience
  • Do I have the time to give them what they want?

I am no expert on this sort of thing and this blog is a glowing example of what not to do with bursts or content then huge gaps then a burst of content. However if your thinking of setting up or reviving a blog, twitter account, Facebook page as part of your scouting role there I suggest discussing it with your district MDM or county MDM or event with the HQ Media team.

As always I would love to hear from you, please feel free to comment below on the post or share with others using the social media buttons.


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