Well it has come to that time of the week, where sadly the Cilben Collective has decided that our Great Kiff, now Great Ninja Puffin Kiff. Has more than done enough of his training to become our great leader once again. He’s passed everything with flying colours like we knew he would. He can now scale walls using only the power of his mind, he now knows what we’re thinking before we’re even thinking of it. He can now train us all in the law of the Puffin Ninja fighting skills in order to prevent WW3, or wandering gangs of Girl Guides. But most of all he has developed the most important skill of all, opening a tin of tuna with only his mind. As the Cilben Collective takes down it’s TAKEOVER! this week, let’s all say what the best thing is about Scouting.

The best thing about Scouting in my opinion is that young people get the opportunity to meet and make new friends every week through all the fantastic adventures and opportunities Scouting creates.

Signing out and saluting you, the great Jabbering audience.

The Cilben Collective (@Cilben)

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