The Last Words?

The last words are key. Any good speakers will tell you it does not matter how short or long your talk is, people will usually only remember your opening joke and your parting line.

Knock knock ………. (Ok maybe not)

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So a question for you what is a Scoutmasters Minute?

Nope, it is not the amount free time a leader gets on camp. Nor is it the breathing time between the next stupid question asked by a member of your Unit. Neither is it a rather good blog by Scoutmaster Jerry.

It is the last words of a scout meeting the parting message so to speak.

The BSA factsheet says

The Scoutmaster’s Minute is brief in duration but one of the most important parts of a troop meeting. Occurring at the closing of the meeting, it is the thought that will go home with the boys. It is the time to teach one of the ideals of Scouting. The Scoutmaster’s Minute is a special time when you have the attention of all the boys in the troop, and it is your opportunity to convey a special message of inspiration.

I know most people enjoy having the last word. However, I am not one for always having to provide an educational learning note at the end of every scouting activity. Sometimes I think the activity itself should be the memory the young people take away.

I do get it sometimes there is a place for a bit of reflection and learning. I have used some of the many links to scoutmasters minutes during campfires.

The last words don’t always have to be a story, it can be a one-liner our current Chief Scout has a rather large collection of an inspirational quote, most people will have heard the turtle one

Behold the turtle, he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out!

well, the other day I came across this factsheet which I may be adding to my collection of ones from the USA.

So tell me do you use these Scoutmaster minutes or is the idea a bit outdated and not “modern”? If you from the USA tell me do you do this at the end of every meeting or occasionally and do you see a benefit?

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  1. Walter Underwood
    27 March, 2019

    In the US, we do it at every meeting. When I started as Scoutmaster, I planned to write up each of my Scoutmaster Minutes, but I only had time for three or four of them. You can find those, mixed in with some other stuff, by searching my blog.

    Hmm, I need to go fix the formatting on those, looks like they got munged moving from TypePad to WordPress.

    1. Kiff
      27 March, 2019

      Thank you for the feedback Walter – great blog by the way.

      Always good to find a fellow scouting blogger

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