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Ok, I am going to offer a couple of controversial statements about the Queen Scout Award, please don’t for one minute think this is my only opinion it is just some thoughts on the Queens Scout award that I have either picked up via various conversations with people or have pondered on a late-night round a campfire.

“The Queen Scout is not valued like other similar awards”
What I mean by that is it seems there has been a resurgence in the domination of the Duke of Edinburgh Award when I did my Queen Scout the DofE Gold was considered as something you could do as training towards your Queen Scout, it now seems like if you get your Gold DofE and go to a couple of Network meeting you can have your Queen Scout.

There also seems to be a huge gap in the promotion of the Queens Scout Award outside of scouting. If you walk into an interview and you say “I completed my Gold DofE” employers recognise this as a mark of a young person making a commitment to service and training and hard work. If you say I have my Queens Scout they look at you with blank faces.

If we look over the water at our American cousins and their Eagle Scout, they know how to use the award. Their universities have Fraternities for Eagle Scouts which will bring you the benefits of the Fraternity system (a bit of an old boys club but can help grease the right wheels); there is also the National Eagle Scouts Association.

The Eagle Award is used when promoting achievements of excellence e.g. it is quoted that 11 of the 12 men to walk on the Moon were Eagle Scouts.
Americans just seem to know how to maximise the benefit of the challenges and learning a Scout puts into achieving the award.

Is this just a case of poor promotion in the UK?  I hope so.

My other comment is
“The Queens Scout is a Youth Award and should not be worn by adults”

This is an interesting one, I do agree that the badge is a youth award and the adult awards are things like the Silver Acorn and Silver Wolf.
In the grand scheme of the Adult in Scouting what does the Queen’s Scout show, it links back to my point above.

If you have two scout leaders and one has their Queen’s Scout and the other does not does it make one better than the other. I doubt it, I have worked with some great leaders who were not involved in scouting until their children joined and I have worked with some who are just about ordinary and who have been in the movement since they were cubs.

Is it just pomposity that Adults want to say I have the highest award in Scouting and I will show it off?  however, if you look you look over there so do those 17-year-olds do you still feel as good about the award?

In the American System when you become an Adult you receive or purchase (if some from America is reading this please correct me if I am wrong) a reef knot (they call it a square knot), similar to the service awards in the UK, that is red white and blue that signifies that you obtained the Eagle Scout as a youth.

I think by doing this you’re not detracting from the award being something gained by young people and yet you are still allowing people to promote their achievements.

I am really in two minds about this, I completed my Queen’s Scout and I have previously sown on my uniform but I have purchased a new shirt and I am considering whether I should sow my Queen Scout on my new shirt.

It was 15 years ago that I completed this award and sometimes I think about that fact I should be promoting what I have done recently e.g. the completion of my woodbadge which I did about 3 years ago or the Management of a Jamboree unit which I did in 2007 maybe those are the things I should be bragging about.

Then again I suppose it is not very scouting to brag about these things or is it??

Yours in Scouting

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  1. Kiff
    19 January, 2010

    Hello Dear Reader

    This post was originally posted in 2009 on my the previous incarnation of this blog.

    I should say that since then I have not sown my Queen Scout Award on to my Uniform but that is predominately because I have not had the time. however my views may have softened on the whole topic.

    Yours in Scouting


  2. Nick Wood
    19 January, 2010

    I may have put this on your original post, but here goes anyway! I agree with you and then don’t!

    The perception of the Queens Scout Award (QSA) is a lot less than the DoE Gold despite the fact the QSA does have more to tasks to be completed before it’s awarded. The SA does seem to be leaning more towards the DoE. When I got my QSA the DoE awards were seen as an easier alternative and at no point did I ever consider doing it!

    Our BSA cousins have got it right in trumpeting the Eagle Scout award and it is, quite rightly, seen as a measure of the character of the young man who gains it.

    As to adults wearing their QSA, well I wear mine and am proud to do so. I wouldn’t mind if we did similar to the BSA and had an adult version of the QSA however.

    One of my Group’s Scouts, now an Explorer, asked what the badge on my uniform that no one else had was and I told him. He told me in no uncertain terms that he’d get one as well and I actually have no doubt that he will! He’s also been chosen to go to Sweden next year!

  3. Adam Saeid
    19 January, 2010

    I agree with the statement your making about us young people not valuing the Queens Scout Award. At the moment i’m an explorer scout and we always talk about D of E, but never about the queens scout award. I don’t even know how to get it!

  4. Kiff
    19 January, 2010


    It dissapoints and worries me that you have not heard of the Queens Scout Award.

    Information on the requirements that must be completed for the Award can be found on the Scout Associations Website




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