Wait and Enjoy Marshmallows


It’s all about Marshmallows

Your expecting this post to be about fluffy bunnies and it about Youth Engagement.

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The other day I read this interesting post on the Bobwhite Blather

If someone set a marshmallow in front of you, would you eat it?

If that person told you that if you didn’t eat it, but watched it for 15 minutes, they’d give you another marshmallow. Would you eat it or wait?

Now imagine you’re a kid. Do you think you’d have the patience to wait 15 minutes? Think of how much longer 15 minutes seems like to a child than it does to us.

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The Author of Bobwhite Blather (Frank I think) makes some very interesting comparisons to Adult Leaders looking to make a meeting / event / activity work rather than letting the cycle of Youth Leadership take its course.

It’s true that allowing young people to lead will mean sometimes at the beginning things might not work or might evolve slower than if you did it yourself and just ate the marshmallow.

However, the reward will be much greater and significantly more enjoyable if you wait.

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