You are good enough, something we should say more

The advise you are good enough, seem obvious but it could be really key.

On of the blog that I read Leo Babauta blog zenhabits. He recently posted a great article called “advice to my kids

As a parent of two amazing daughters, I am always keen to gather pearls of wisdom that I can magpie and pass on to my kids.

The post coves a range of advise that Leo had document for his six children (I thought I had my hands full with two), across a range of topics from sex, learning, business and more.

This one paragraph was something I felt is a great message to pass on to your children. It could even be something we should tell beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers.

You are good enough. Most people are afraid to do things because they are afraid they’re not good enough, afraid they’ll fail. But you are good enough — learn that and you won’t be afraid of new things, won’t be afraid to fail, won’t need the approval of others. You’ll be pre-approved — by yourself.

You can find the whole of the article at this link. I would recommend reading it if you have time.

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  1. Ben
    21 February, 2013

    I quite agree. I always tell my two boys, it doesn’t matter what they do in life, as long as they always do their best, that’s all that matters.

    1. Kiff
      22 February, 2013

      Good Advice from their Dad

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