Thoughts of a Little Blue Bear – Dust Bunnies

As a bear who is sometimes, accidentally, relocated down the sides of various bits of furniture I have come across a fair few in my time and it always amazes me that small bits of fluff can collect into such giant structures.

Thoughts of a Little Bluebear – Teeth

As a toy bear of a certain age teeth are something that has baffled me. It has got nothing to do with my age I have never had teeth, come to think of it I am not sure I have a mouth.


Blueted Ponders – Small Fingers

Hello Blueted Ponders Fans Ok, I am getting ahead of myself, but I know that Blueted Ponders is the best part of this whole blog. Any Hoo – You may have noticed that there has not been much pondering going on of late, this was due to an incident involving my head and a 3-year-olds…

Life at No 3

This mean that the house has a number of toys and teddies, I though it would be interesting to create a series of posts life at No 3.