The 40 Single Malts

As part of my 40B440 challenge, I set myself the task of tasting 40 different single malts. I did not complete this task by my 40 birthday but I am dedicated to completing it.
This page is the catalogue of those malts tasted.

  1. Laphroaig 10 Year Old
  2. Oban 14 Year Old
  3. Old Putney
  4. Jura
  5. Ardbeg 12
  6. Inchfad – Extra Peaty
  7. Inchfad
  8. Jura Superstition
  9. Singleton
  10. Glenfiddich 12
  11. Glenmorangie
  12. Talisca Storm
  13. Talisker 10
  14. Auchentoshan American oak
  15. Tullibardine Sovereign
  16. The Macallan Gold
  17. The Balvenie DoubleWood 12
  18. Auchentoshan 18
  19. Auchentoshan 12
  20. Auchentoshan Three Wood
  21. Aerstone Sea Cask
  22. Cotswolds Single Malt


  1. Alison Neave
    4 January, 2014

    You have to make sure that you spell whisky correctly. It is only whiskey if it’s Irish.

    1. Kiff
      4 January, 2014

      Well thank you, when I was writting this page I did try and fathom out the spelling but could not get to the bottom of the issue. I will ensure that corrections are made 🙂


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