The About

This is my little about page, I have broken it down to four main topics as detailed below.

About Me

I am Kiff and I am master of this little campfire in the corner of the great worldwide web. If you want to know more about me then

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About the Blog

What is the point of this little corner of the worldwide web, does it even have a point, well to find out

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About Scouting

My links to Scouting started when I was eight years old and has progressed over the years. Now some thirty-ish years later it is still something that inspires and engages me. If you want to know how I am involved then

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My Internet

So obviously everyone should be spending all their time on my blog, I realise that you may be interested in some other places to visit. If you want to find out the places I visit when I am not here then please

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